Hello you Wonderful Souls. My name is Gabriel Joe Kersh, I live to inspire both myself and others, using illustration to be thought provoking, whilst also providing comfort for those solitary types. I hope my illustrations show that you are not alone. Primarily an Illustrator, I will always remain an artist at heart. Born and bred in Manchester, a warmer friendlier part of the UK in my opinion. I capture nuances in any urban environment and love showing the world my own spiritual perspective, hidden amongst the truth. Not many are able to travel to every place they desire, however I allow my mind to explore the most creative and imaginative destinations and that’s how I get by. Illustration has to speak it has to have a purpose. Commercially I have created album covers for several musicians, fun and upbeat artworks for restaurant and bar owners. I customise my art work to reflect the personalities and aspirations of my clients. My work will provide you with a platform to run riot with your ideas. So whether it’s an art piece that speaks for you, a logo, or images that translate well for marketing purposes, my work is flexible enough for you to utilise in many ways. Then there are the personal commissions where the sky is the limit, digital portraits with everything you love in life going on around you, people, places, things, popping with colour or toned down in muted shades. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


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